For those times you wish you had more eyes, we have you covered.

We can design a surveillance system to fit any needs, from basic surveillance up to license plate recognition. We also offer NDAA compliant cameras for clients that require them. All of our systems have the ability to be monitored remotely from your PC or Smart-Phone. ¬†As long as you have WiFi or cell data, you can see what is going on when you’re away. We are a Milestone Gold level partner. We have a Certified Integration Technician and Certified Design Technician on staff.

Small to Medium Site

For small to medium sites we install NVR’s and cameras with smart detection. This technology allows you to drastically decrease the amount of time needed to review footage in the event of an incident. This technology has the ability to do a search based on motion caused by a human or car. This will filter out any unwanted video that could have been triggered by shadows, animal or any other environmental factor.

Large Scale installs

When the need arises for a large scale install, we have a solution to fit your needs. If you have several buildings not located under the same roof or on different sites and you want to have them on one monitoring system, we can provide a solution. Using Milestone NVR products, we have a wide range of flexibility to meet your large scale needs. Milestone operates on server based system and provides more option over an NVR system. This server based allows us the flexibility to combine several locations together into one view / system. We have a wide range of granular permissions we can program for users based on the job with your company. We can limit certain users to certain camera groups or even just a single camera. Being a Gold level partner, we have expedited service request from Milestone in the event happens with the system.

Here is a few demos to survallence equipment we offer.