Wireless Networking LLC Infrastructure


Infrastructure is the backbone of your business. We can cover all you needs. From basic reliable hardwired connections to your computers to a full site wireless for mobile devices. If security is a priority, we can install an enterprise level firewall with built in antivirus as well as content filtering.

Managed Equipment

Providing reliable connections to you machines is our top priority. We provide fully managed network equipment. The managed network equipment we install alerts us to any issues or outages. Most the time we know there is an issue before you will notice.

Keeping You Safe

Network security is always a concern. We provide firewalls that mitigate viruses before they come into your network or content filtering to prevent Users from going to untrusted sites. We have a system to fit your needs.  Large or small, we install SonicWall Firewalls that have built in virus scanning, IPS detection and content filtering.

Here are 3 links to demos of equipment we use.